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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

"True sorrow makes a silence in the heart" and we think even the most obtuse among us know enough not to intrude on such feelings. At such times, however, there is work that must be done and we, at Grimes Funeral Chapels do it competently, quietly and without intrusion.
This is the essence of our approach to funeral service. We are successful, if months later, when grief has been partially submerged, our efforts are remembered gratefully as having softened somewhat the jagged edges of bereavement.
We realize that making funeral arrangements either in advance or when someone you love dies requires many, many decisions. We realize that there are many needs to be met, concerns to be faced and preferences to think about.
We believe that the key to a worry-free funeral arrangement, both before need or at need, is careful counseling with an experienced and trusted funeral director. At Grimes Funeral Chapels, we are here at any time to talk to you about the options. And remember the decisions will be yours. Satisfying your needs and desires is always our main consideration . . . . . .