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USDA provides rural development opportunities for low-income households

Staff reports

The USDA Rural Development representatives are always available to meet with citizens, organizations and public officials to explore existing services for low-income households.
USDA Rural Development is charged with assisting rural communities by administering programs targeted to strengthen the economy, housing, and infrastructure of rural areas.
Programs currently available through USDA Rural Development include no down payment, low interest loans to build or purchase a home in Bandera County for low-income households.
Very low-income families may be eligible for a home improvement loan up to $20,000 at 1 percent interest.
Elderly families with very low incomes may also be eligible for a grant up to $7,500 to remove health hazards in their homes or build accommodations for wheelchairs.
For more information regarding Rural Development programs, contact the USDA Service Center in Fredericksburg at (830) 997-8902 ext. 4., or visit the web site at www.rd.usda.gov/tx.