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Three meetings, one day

By Bev Barr BCC Editor

The EDC and the City Council each held special meetings on Monday, July 18, to discuss the economic development proposal referred to as Main Street Shop and Lofts in closed executive sessions.
The EDC board members made a motion and agreed to propose to the City Council incentive funding for the Main Street Shop and Lofts and conference center. The EDC will agree to fund $2,000 per month for a total of $24,000 annually, and in exchange for this agreement a negotiated percentage of revenue that the future conference center generates will be paid back to the EDC. The specific percentage amount of revenue returned to the EDC was not decided on.
The city council had a lengthy agenda and a 3-hour meeting to match. The council heard from developer Gene Liquori about the Main Streets Shops and Lofts proposal. He is requesting a $1 million bond secured by the hotel occupancy tax, which is 3 percent. Details of the council’s motion will be in next week’s paper.
The Chamber of Commerce discussed changes to the Hunter’s Barbecue, which will be Saturday, Nov. 4, and a nighttime Christmas parade, scheduled for Dec. 1. The chamber will return with more details next month.
One more set of soil samples is required at the Skate Park site after the concrete cures for 14 days. Installation of park structure will begin soon. Rules and guidelines for the skate park were approved and adopted.
The council approved EDC requests for 3 amendments to the 2016-2017 Budget: $3,000 to fund advertising expenses for the Experience Bandera Labor Day Weekend event; $5,000 to buy a storage container for the city of Bandera to store festival and event equipment; and $5,500 to bring in the Longhorns for the Labor Day event.
The council secured upon recommendation of the city administrator bond and financial services, a critical requirement to deal with current water projects and obtain grants.
The mayor reminded council that the EDC has dedicated funds for city parks. They discussed possible park expenditures and decided it was time for the park committee to meet and revisit the park master plan. The group will take a fresh look at what the city can do with limited funding.
No action was taken, but council discussed the safety issues and finances of extending the sidewalk on Old San Antonio Highway to the High School.
The council approved the Planning and Zoning Commissions recommendations regarding signs with only minor tweaks.