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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

We all make many promises during our lifetime. These promises deal with all things, in every phase of life. Knowing what or whom to believe can and does pose problems at times.
Careless promises should never be given or counted upon. A promise that can cause discomfort, harm or injustice to yourself or to others should never be made, not matter how much prodding or persuasion is involved.
It is usually very easy to make a promise . . . Expediency or change of mind is seldom a justified excuse for breaking a promise. A promise involves honor, duty, and ethics . . . The best promise you can make is a promise to yourself . . . Promise yourself you will never make a promise to anyone, unless you are fully prepared and able to keep your promise. . . In addition to spiritual benefit, it is a good way to gain honor, stature, praise, and prestige among your fellow human being.