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Tragedy Hits Bandera

By Leanne Beauxbeannes

Editor’s note: The official crash report for the accident that occurred Friday, June 30, was not available at the time the paper went to press. Dr. Jennifer Knight, of Bandera Veterinary Clinic, was the veterinarian who attended the horses at the scene of the accident.
Most locals and visitors to the Cowboy Capital of Texas have been privileged to catch a glimpse of the real old west as seen in the picture above. What could be more iconic than an old covered-wagon driven by a real frontiersman and drawn by an awesome team of horses.
Sadly, tragedy has struck Bandera. On Friday night, June 30, a freak accident led these horses, alone, out onto Highway 16, south of town, where oncoming traffic blindly stuck and killed three of these horses and injured one.
But all horse-lovers and friends and admirers of this team are saddened and will never forget seeing them on Main Street or the thrill of riding in the covered-wagon behind this awesome team driven by Ron Dakota.
Farewell to the Monty with the star and snip, and behind him, Yuma with the blaze-face. Also deceased, the paint, Cochise, not shown. Injured, (next to Monty) the Arab, Cantino and thankfully, JR uninjured. The community mourns this tragic loss and many of our horses that went before them will be waiting for them at the “rainbow bridge.” Bandera will never be the same.