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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

AMERICANISM is loving individual freedom and dignity so much that you work at it and don't deny to your fellow man the same freedom and dignity that you seek for yourself because when he loses his freedom, the time could not be far off when the loss of your freedom may follow.
AMERICANISM is concentrating more on loving than hating . . . So, being a good American is not easy. It calls for a great deal more than just paying taxes and voting. Being an American means that you do worry a lot about the social, economic and political inequities in your country. It means taking part in Community Activities. It means loving your children and family. It means simple things . . . like keeping your own home and neighborhood neat and clean . . .because you are proud to be able to own a piece of property that you came by honestly . . .Yes, Americanism means so many things that can not all be put down on paper or expressed orally . . . It means being strong . . . but not bullying. It means loving life and freedom . . . but not at the expense of others. It means . . . most of all . . . individual freedom . . . and the dignity of man.