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Court hears BEC solar proposal, recognizes distinguished service

Bev Barr BCC Editor

The Commissioners’ Court of Bandera County went about their usual business at last week’s regular meeting and set a date of July 27 for a public hearing to consider a request to replat a couple of lots in the Bridlegate Subdivision, and also in the Hills of Bandera Ranch Subdivision.
Road superintendent John Andrade recommended that the speed limit be reduced by 5 MPH (to 30 MPH) on a particular stretch of Bottlesprings Road, and for the speed limit to be increased by 10 MPH (to 35 MPH) on another stretch of road on Rohrbuch Road. The irony was not lost on any of the commissioners, and after some discussion with Andrade and one another, they voted in favor of the superintendent’s recommendations.
Commissioner Moseley presented members of the Bandera County Historical Commission with a Texas Historical Commission Distinguished Service Award for accomplishments during 2016. This is the third year in a row the historical commission has received the award, and the 5th time in recent years.
Miguel Rivera provided an overview of Bandera Electric Coop’s community solar program and asked that the commissioners consider participating in the program. Rivera provided a spreadsheet detailing county owned property and the number of solar blocks BEC recommends the court subscribe to for each property. These numbers were based on actual usage. Rivera discussed projected savings, too, over the course of years.
The commissioners asked many questions during this presentation. Some of the questions were about the business model BEC has with the developer of the solar farm, which is near Leakey. The commissioners questioned the reliability of projections, especially given the falling prices of natural gas. The BEC representatives explained that transmission costs for infrastructure are going up, even if the cost of energy itself is falling.
Sheriff Butts detailed for the court recent expenses of dishwashers, and because of those expenses, recommended that the commissioners approve a lease agreement with Commercial Kitchen for a dishwasher for the Jail. The court approved the request.
Calvin Plummer, the EMS Director, requested permission to apply for a $100,000 grant to purchase a Stryker Powerload System and to assist with the purchase of a new ambulance. The court approved.
Sheriff Butts and EMS Director Calvin Plummer provided monthly activity reports.