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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Being a father these days is no easy task. Nor is it easy for a mother either, especially if she has part or full time employment . . . Yet, in spite of our turbulent times, there are thousands and thousands of happy families who enjoy family life together.
It is always an especially joyful sight to see a dad tossing a football and especially a baseball (since that is our family's favorite sport) back and forth with his family. It is always a pleasant scene to see a dad swimming or skating with his children. Or seeing a dad who cares enough to participate in outside activities such as hiking, camping, bike riding and the like. Susie and I were sitting in a restaurant several years ago, watching a family next to us. The dad was reading a book to his four children while waiting for their food to arrive what a sweet sight. Fathers vary in custom and culture of course but when you see a dad participate in things like this, you invariably see a happy, close together family.
From personal observation, we are sure most dads realize life goes by quickly . . . Time is a factor to reckon with . . . Since parenthood is a God given privilege, we hope all dads everywhere realize this on Father's Day . . . To all fathers everywhere we wish you a happy, pleasant Father's Day . . .