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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

An outstanding trait of a successful man is self-confidence. Whatever he may think of others, he believes in himself. He believes he can do anything he sets out to do. He has not only faith but courage. Such self-confidence is not conceit. It is always based upon solid things like knowledge, skill, and the willingness to work. It is not a gift of nature, but one of her awards that anyone can earn.
It has been said that assurance is a mighty power in living an effective and meaningful life. When we think we can do a thing, we are usually right in our assurance. Yet some people are defeated before they begin. They have no confidence in themselves. They shake their heads, shrug their shoulders, and raise their arms in a gesture of defeat. But the person who believes he can do something usually can. There may be stumbling blocks along the way, but they can usually be shoved aside.
Assurance by itself is not enough. It has to be supported by self-confidence and with the assurance that whatever has to be done can be done. . . Remember there is no victory in any field without assurance.