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Letter to Commissioners Court

by Celia Belt

My name is Celia Belt, I own ten acres in Bridlegate backing up to English Crossing Road, extending from the corner of Rodeo and English Crossing to the east.
Since moving here in 2010, I’ve witnessed eight auto accidents, six of those went through my fence, taking down three magnificent trees and leaving me in constant fear as to the safety of my horses. My property abuts a curve in the road; yet, there are no warning signs from either direction.
In late January of this year, a Can-Am barreled through my fence, leaving a sea of carnage, as one man was badly injured and a woman so badly injured she required med flight. I made the commitment at that time to approach you (the Commissioners Court) with the needs for signs. I deeply regret that my life became so busy, and, I did not follow through.
I am no stranger to tragedy. I’ve been caring for burn victims for the past 20 years, but nothing prepares you for what I’ve seen.
On April 28, as I sat on the porch with my friend Linda, a critical care nurse, we saw and heard the crash. A Ford Mustang apparently rolled several times and we raced to the scene to find an injured 13-year-old girl named Brittany. Her young life has been changed forever, as she has since undergone one surgery for facial fractures and will need more.
Within days of this accident, there were two more accidents. We heard the collision each time, one car hitting the side of the road and the other the guardrail. As I sat with Linda on the porch that Friday I remarked, “It’s as if this road is calling for a sacrifice.”
The next morning, it got it. We heard and saw the crash, rushing to the scene and hearing a woman screaming, we approached a large gravel truck, the size of a semi. A man under the back wheels, his blood trail had stopped. A woman under the front wheels. I rushed to her side, a tangled mess of motorcycle and body, and, as the girl the week before, her name was Brittany. I talked her through, assessing her medical and whispering sweet lies as she asked about her husband, Gaby. It was almost too much to bear. But bear it we did.
Our county is experiencing such growth, new neighborhoods are springing up, yet it appears we have made very little modifications to our infrastructure. How is it that we deliver permits for new housing and give no thought to the viability of our roads? There will always be human error and plain stupid when it comes to drivers, but we must do our part to ensure drivers have every opportunity to avert tragedy.
I ask you to pause, to think, and to plan. Make safe those that not only live here, but those that visit us. I thank you.

Celia Belt
Transcript of statement to Commissioners’ Court,
May 25, 2017.