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Commissioners hear request for safety plan from Bridlegate resident

By Bev Barr BCC Editor

Celia Belt, a Bandera resident who has lived in the Bridlegate subdivision since 2010, read a heartfelt statement to the Bandera County Commissioners Court May 25, about the tragic consequences of accidents on Bottle Springs Road. Her statement (see sidebar) introduced item number four on the agenda, at the request of Commissioner Rutherford of Precinct 4.
“Since moving here in 2010, I’ve witnessed eight auto accidents,” Belt said. “Six of those went through my fence, taking down three magnificent trees and leaving me in constant fear as to the safety of my horses.”
Belt’s experience of being among the first at the scene of vehicular accidents on Bottle Springs Road prompted her to reach out to the Commissioners’ Court with a request for improved signage and better planning for infrastructure improvements in general.
“How is it that we deliver permits for new housing and give no thought to the viability of our roads?” Belt asked.
John Andrade, Bandera County Road & Bridge superintendent, answered questions from the commissioners about signage, including “S” curve advisory signs, speed limit signs, guardrails, Chevron panels behind the guardrails and double Chevrons.
The discussion veered to the possibility of increasing patrol of the area, but the Sheriff’s department is already spread thin patrolling thousands of miles a month.
The posted speed limit on Bottle Springs Road is 35 MPH, but the general consensus during discussion was that most people drive faster than that. “Every time we pave a road or fix it, they go faster,” Judge Evans said.
Andrade told the commissioners he would conduct a traffic study of the area, but he thought that for the most part that his department had already done everything it could to inform motorist of driving conditions on Bottle Springs Road. He communicated that the problem isn’t of informing drivers that it’s a dangerous road, but of enforcing drivers to handle dangerous curves at safe speeds.
Other court news: A public hearing date was set for June 22 for a request to replat Lots 15 and 16 in Section 13, in the Flying L. Ranch Subdivision.
The court considered and approved a request to an install an electric gate on South Seco Creek Road.
And Dick Lane, during the Public Forum, thanked Commissioner Mosley for resurfacing (with gravel) the service road for Precinct 3 compactor. “I’m quick to criticize and quick to compliment,” Lane said. Commissioner Mosley said that they were able to accomplish the resurfacing because of leftover material from a FEMA job.