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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

A person given to wise sayings once said: "The best way to forget your own problem is to help someone solve his."
Many, many years ago a new teacher was assigned to a one-room school in Indiana. The school bullies tried to bluff him the first day. Their ring leader drew a comic picture of the new teacher, wrote a few lines under it, and created quite a stir by passing it around the class. Upon seeing it, the teacher said, "Jim, will you please stay after school for a few minutes?"
After school Jim's friends hung around to see what happened. Could the new teacher stand up to the bully? To their surprise, Jim emerged with a book under his arm and went whistling home.
The new teacher disarmed him by saying, "Jim, you have a rare talent. Your ability to write and draw pictures should be developed. I have a book of stories and poems. Would you like to take it home and draw me some pictures to illustrate the stories?"
Thus he fanned to life a spark of latent genius within the overgrown bully, resulting in the turning apoint of the beloved Hoosier poet, James Whitcomb Riley . . .