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Bandera County Courier salutes those that serve

BC Courier

The Courier would like to express our thanks and appreciation to all men and women serving in the US Armed Forces today.
Regrettably, very little information is available to us on local residents currently serving to protect our country, our rights and our freedoms. Due to this lack of information, we thought it appropriate to show how Bandera newspapers have honored these brave individuals in the past. This commemorative edition features a few photos and information originally published over 70 years ago in the May 17, 1945 edition of the Bandera New Era.
The Courier would be proud to run photos and brief bios of local residents currently serving our country. Should you have a relative or friend in the US Armed Forces, please forward their photo and information to the Bandera County Courier, PO Box 1704, Bandera, Tx 78003 or email bccourier@bcglobal.net.
Thursday May 17, 1945 the Bandera New Era read:
Photos of Servicemen Pay Tribute To Fighting Sons of Bandera County
In this Edition, the New Era and Bandera County pays tribute to her fighting sons on the high seas, on the beaches of the strange Islands of the Pacific, in the Far East and on the bloody but conquered lands of Europe.
Many have paid the supreme price that we in this nation might continue to enjoy the American form of life. Each and every one has brought added glory to the name of our Country. Their record will always be a bright one in the annals of free fighting men.
The work in compiling this edition has strained the limited facilities of a country weekly newspaper. Untold difficulties were encountered and most of them overcome. The newsprint shortage was met by reducing the number of pages in several issues. But even with a long period of planning many of the engravings ere not received in time. These will be published in next weeks issue of the New Era.
We wish to thank the residents of Bandera County for their cooperation in making this issue possible.
As a souvenir of this issue the New Era will send to the parents of each serviceman whose picture appears in these issues the actual engraving. We believe that they will value in later years these zinc engravings of their sons in uniforms.
Photographs will be returned during the early part of next week.

A graduate of Texas A&M College with a BS Degree January 22, 1943 he entered the service three days later. He has served overseas since October 15, 1944 landing in England, and has since served in France, Belgium and Germany.
Recently he received his second wound in action and was hospitalized in England. His mother has heard that he may shortly be returned to the US for a leave of absence.
Son of Mr and Mrs HJ Babbitt, former residents of Bandera now living in Boerne, was inducted into the service October 19, 1942 and is currently undergoing Flying Training as an Aviation Student at La Junta Army Air Field, Colorado.

A member of the 39th Air Depot Group stationed with the 11th Air Force in Alaska, he was inducted into the service in December, 1943 and is currently serving as a Pfc. He is the son of Mrs Lorena Mayfield of Medina.

Currently assigned to the USS Flagship Talladega, 3rd Fleet Division, has served in combat areas for three years. Son of Mrs Aileen Fitzgerald of Bandera and husband of Mrs Stella Fitzgerald who are currently making their home in Vallejo, California, he recently had six months shore duty in the US before returning to the South Pacific area.

Caspt Frank R Anderwald, US Marines, proudly displays a bullet riddled Jap Battle flag, captured during one of the South Pacific engagements. Capt. Anderwald is now in the US Naval Hospital, Corpus Christi, suffering from a tropical infection contracted in the Pacific.

B-26 Marauder bomber pilot who took an active part on the bombing of Germany, Capt Short began his flying career with the Royal Air Forces in Canada, later transferring to the US Air Forces receiving his commission as a 2nd Lt in September 1943. He holds the Purple Heart, the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal with seven Oak Leaf Clusters and the European Theatre of War Combat ribbons.

Son of Mrs George Loesberg, now of Kerrville, a member of the US Maritime Service currently undergoing training in St Petersburg, Florida.

Commanding Officer of the 322nd Infantry Regiment, somewhere in the Pacific, Colonel Short, a native of Bandera has served with the US Army continuously since the last World War. He served overseas with the 78th Field Artillery as a Captain. During his many years of duty he has been graduated from the Cavalry School in 1924, the advanced equitation course at Fort Riley in 1926 and then from the Italian Cavalry School in 1929. A graduate of the Command and General Staff School in 1936 he has served as Chief of Staff with the First Cavalry Brigade at Fort Clark, Texas and on the Staff of the 2nd Division at Fort Sam Houston where he joined the 81st Wildcats Division as Chief of Staff. It was with this organization that he entered his first action against the Japs on Angaur Island.

Entered the service June 12, 1944 and was assigned to Armored Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky. On November 28, 1944 he was discharged from the service due to disabilities incurred in the performance of his duties. The son of Mr and Mrs CJ Kalka, his wife and four children, Joyce Ann, Alma Louise, Arnold Christian and Charles Clinton reside with him in Bandera. Upon being released he accepted employment as a printer with the New Era.

A Staff Sergeant in the Air Corps he is a member of the 521 Air Service Group, stationed in Europe. Enlisting February 9, 1942 at Kelly Field he was stationed at Moore Field until April 9, 1944 thence to Italy, landing in May 1944. He is believed to be near Corsica. The youngest son of Mr and Mrs RJ Evans, he holds the expert carbine medal and the Good Conduct Ribbon.

A recent graduate of the Air Forces, Flying Training Courses, Flight Officer Glenn Padgett, son of Mr and Mrs Frank B Padgett is currently a twin-engine pilot in training for overseas duty.

Seaman Second Class, US Navy, son of Mr and Mrs Henry R Adamietz, Sr, entered the service last June.

Of Medina is currently assigned duty as a Sergeant at McDill Army Air Field, Tampa, Florida.

Having served in Hawaii from April 5, 1942 to August 18, 1944, Frank B Morrison is now a 2nd Lieutenant in the Tansportation Corps of the US Army. Son of Mr and Mrs Frank B Morrison of Bandera, he attended Thomas Jefferson High School and St Mary’s University and was a salesman with an oil company before he entered the service.

Seaman 2nd class US Navy is a veteran of three years service with the Army Air Corps as a parachute rigger, spending 18 months of that time in England at an Air Field near Manchester. In February, 1944 he joined the Navy and was sent to school at Lakehurst, NJ where he made a jump from high altitude with chutes he had packed. He is currently stationed at a Navy Base in Florida.

Son of Mrs Annie James, of Bandera, born here March 13,1922, entered the service for the Infantry December 4, 1942. His present rank is Pfc. He shipped overseas in November, 1944 and shortly afterwards was wounded in the right elbow during tan engagement in Belgium. At present he is in a hospitalin England. During his last birthday he received a surprise visit from his brother Wallace, who is with the Army Engineers overseas.

Of Bandera, inducted in July, 1942 at Camp Dodd, San Antonio. First stationed at Camp Hulen, Texas, he was on duty for 18 months as chief projectionist in the Camp Theatres.
In March, 1944, he was reassigned at Fort Sam Houston to Camp Crowder, Missouri for a 17 week course in teletypewriting. Then assigned to a Port of embarkation on the West Coast, he sailed October 16, 1944 and is now somewhere in the Manila area. He holds the expert rifle medal for meets in both Camp Hulen and Crowder.

Son of Mrs Rosa Stevens entered service in June, 1942. He trained at Camp Roberts, California, Camp White, Oregon and Fort Lewis, Washington before going oversea where he has served for about two years with the 351st Engr Regt. He has been in combat in Luxemburg, France and Germany.

Inducted into the Army in November, 1942 he received his training at Camp Roberts, California. Six months later he went overseas and landed at Oran Africa with the first troops. He fought through the entire North Africa Campaign and then went to Italy where he is still stationed. He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds received in action in December, 1944. While serving as a machine gunner with the 757th Tank Battalion.

Son of Mr and Mrs Hans Teich, and brother of the very popular “Doodle-bug” Teich of Highland Waters and San Antonio is with a Naval Task Force in the Pacific Theatre. A recent letter to his parents said Hans Jr plans to attend A&M College and then get a ranch in Bandera County and raise cattle and sheep.
Son of Mr and Mrs MP Akin of Medina, has seen action in North Africa and took part in the bloody Anzio Beach landings of the Fifth Army and at last accounts wass with General Mark Clark’s Armies somewhere in Northern Italy. He has been in the service over four years and overseas three years May 12.

Son of Mrs Cornella Buckelew, of Medina, he volunteered for the US Navy Novembr 16, 1942, receiving his training at San Diego and later being assigned to the USS Belletrix.
He participated in the landings in Italy and then was transferred to the Pacific area aboard the US Ormsby. He partook in the landings on Enunitok, Palau, Ormoc Bay, Saipan, Guam and Leyte, at last writing.

Son of OL Adams, of Medina, was inducted into the Army in August, 1941 and assigned to duty in the Signal Corps.
He received his specialized training at the Signal Corps School, Fort Monmouth, New Jersey and has since been stationed at Neskourin, Oregon, Drew Field, Floprida and is currently assigned to duty at Riverside, Fresno, California

Son of Mr and Mrs OH Kelley of Medina, he enlisted in the Air Corps Reserve in July, 1944 while a student at Medina High. He reported for active duty March 20, 1945 and is currently in training at Amarillo, Texas with the Army Air Forces.

Son of Sheriff and Mrs WH Burns of Bandera, joined the Navy in August, 1939. He has served on the US Portland, a Cruiser and the USS Fulton a Submarine tender when the War was declared. At the present time he is believed to be aboard the USS Watts, which took part in the Philippines Invasion.

Graduate of Bandera High School and son of Mr and Mrs John B MacNaughton, he is now serving with a B-29 Super Fortress Unit based in the Mariannas Islands. Inducted in February, 1942 he remained at Kelly Field for a year and received training for his present assignment at Smokey Hill, Saline, Kansas.

Daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas J Anderwald of Bandera, she is now serving in Hawaii with the Marines, replacement for men for combat duty.

Son of Mr and Mrs Vane Stevens of Bandera, took part in many battles in the South Pacific. He has a rating of WFC. He has recently returned to overseas duty.

Son of Henry Anderwald of Bandera, he was inducted into the service December 21, 1944 and assigned to the Infantry. He is currently taking his specialized training at Camp Hood, Texas.

Entered the service in September, 1942 and was first stationed at Camp Hood, Texas with a Medical Unit as a Male Nurse. Later he was shipped overseas to North Africa with an Infantry Organization. From there he transferred to Italy and returned to the duties with a Field Hospital. He has been overseas over 18 months.