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2017 6th Grade Conservation Workshop


The Bay Wing Hawk (also known as Harris Hawk) flies over the students.

For the 35th year, the Sixth Grade Conservation Workshop has been sponsored by the Bandera Soil and Water Conservation District. The goal of this program is to expose students of the county to the needs and practices found in the farming and ranching industry. Some of the subjects covered in the event include Soils, Rangeland Management and Health, Rainfall and its effects, Wells and Groundwater, Watersheds, Water Safety and Bats.
Presenters represent several agencies and include Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Bandera County River Authority and Groundwater District. The Key Club from Bandera High School also provided assistance for preparation of the meal and serving.
The Hondo National Bank has for several years, provided funds to allow Last Chance Forever, a bird of prey and conservancy group, to give a program about raptors and their importance in nature. This presentation by John Karger and his staff is always a highlight for the students to see several species of these important birds up close and actually watch them fly.
This year, a long time District Director, Paul L. Garrison Jr., received a plaque of appreciation from the Bandera SWCD for 18 years of dedicated service.
The Bandera SWCD looks forward to having another Conservation Workshop for students next year.