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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

There's nobody like a mother! She is a very special kind of person! One can always tell who's amother, because she . . .
says, with confidence, in early pregnancy, maternal instinct will guide her in raising her family and promptly reads every child psychology book available...says babies aren't as fragile as they seem then makes countless checks to make sure the sleeping child is safe...says there will never be "any such animal" in the house then trains it, feeds it and is saddest of all when the animal is gone...goes shopping for herself and comes home with something for her child...warns her child that if he takes what appears to be a rash step, he is responsible for the consequences then is the first to come to his aid...knows that her teenager is responsible, and lets him use the car then lies awake in a dark room until he's safely home...fears her offspring is much too young to leave home, to marry, or to start a family then is the first to watch for advertisements for apartments, to look at wedding gowns or to buy a baby toy...promises herself she won't spoil a grandchild then decides it is one of her privileges as a grandmother.
Yes, you can always tell a mother, because she is constantly changing and yet never changes at all. . . . . . . . . . . . .