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Bandera County Visitors Center invites you to celebrate National Tourism Week


The second week of May is recognized as National Tourism Week. In recognition of this, the Bandera County Visitors Center invites you to visit their offices on Thursday, May 11, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm to celebrate a leading industry in Bandera County. The tourism industry impacts all of the businesses in Bandera County. Owners and managers of overnight accommodations and RV Parks require the services of plumbers, air conditioning contractors, and carpenters; make purchases at the grocery store, hardware stores and lumber yard. Retail stores, restaurants and music venues benefit from the many tourists visiting our area. In the latest statistics prepared for Texas Tourism’s office in 2015, the tourism industry directly employed 770 people; created direct earnings of $20,900.00 and provided $610,000 in local tax receipts in Bandera County.
Summer is fast approaching and that means Bandera County will be filled with families getting a taste of the cowboy lifestyle at our dude and guest ranches, enjoying our rivers and lake, visiting our museums, star gazing or dancing the night away, and celebrating at our many special events. The roads will be filled with motorcyclists exploring the nationally ranked “Three Sisters or Twisted Sisters” (Highways 335, 336 and 337). And many will get their first thrill of a rodeo. Combine all of these and add the natural scenic beauty of our Texas Hill Country and warm hospitality and you have a winning combination that delight visitors from around the world.
However, as is natural for all folks no matter where they live, you often hear on the street when asked what here is to do the answer is “Nothing.” Many tend to not be aware of the opportunities in their own backyard. The Bandera County Visitors Center invites you to come and enjoy a Frito pie lunch on May 11 in its backyard and learn about events, activities, and places, you can enjoy this summer and share with family visiting the area or tourists you encounter. Representatives will be available to share with you information and ideas on how you will never again be able to say “There is nothing to do in Bandera County.” You will also be able to pick up the “Weekly Calendar” prepared by the office highlighting all of the week’s activities.
The Bandera County Visitors Center is located at 126 State Hwy South. Parking during the open house and lunch is available in the rear of the building courtesy of the Western Trail Antiques and Marketplace.