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Human Trafficking coming close to home


On Wednesday, May 3, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) arrested eight suspects on felony charges in connection with a four-month, multi-agency investigation into human trafficking operations.
“Law enforcement plays a critical role in community safety and protecting Texans from criminals who profit off exploiting others,” said DPS Regional Commander Freeman Martin . “I am very proud of our investigative division and their efforts to protect victims from human trafficking – which endangers children as well as adults.”
Since January, DPS Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Special Agents have been investigating human trafficking and prostitution taking place in Bexar County. Some of the alleged victims are juveniles. The investigation led to the arrest of seven adult males and one adult female.
The DPS Highway Patrol, University of Texas Health Science Center Police Department, San Antonio Police Department and the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office also assisted in the investigation. The arrested defendants and charges include: • Daimien Garcia, 27, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child, trafficking of a person, and sexual assault of a child) • Elizabeth Martinez, 31, of San Antonio (compelling prostitution of a minor) • Keebo Hullaby, 24, of San Antonio (trafficking of a child) • Miles Montgomery, 47, of Portland, Texas (prostitution of a minor) • Jose Gonzales, 35, of San Antonio (prostitution) • Cody Flores, 24, of San Antonio (prostitution) • Christopher Ramon, 23, of San Antonio (prostitution) • Lee Atherton, 39, of San Antonio (prostitution)
An arrest warrant has been issued for a ninth suspect, Gabriel De La O, 33, of San Antonio, for trafficking of a child and trafficking of a person. He is actively being sought.