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Bandera ISD Education Foundation Prize Posse Delivers Big Checks


Middle School Teachers are Mallory Golsch, Lisa Gherman, Hannah Chambers and Kathleen Allison proudly show their grant “big checks” provided by the BISD Education Foundation.

The BISD Education Foundation Prize Posse delivered grant checks to teachers on each BISD campus on Friday, April 21. Congratulations go to each of the following teachers for winning a grant for their classroom: Dixie Moseley, Chip Jackson, Lisa Holdbrook (Alkek El-em.); Jamie Trussell and the Alkek Elementary faculty; Brenda Persyn, Mary Ellen Dunlap, Kim Mooney and Carla Mata (Hill Country Elem); Daina McCulley, Kent Black and Erin Moore (Hill Country Elem.); Cassie Simon, Mallory Golsch, Hannah Chambers and Lisa Gherman (Middle School); Debra Allison (Middle School); Rebeca Gibson (High School); Catherine Holmes (High School) and Marc Laine (Middle School); Michelle Barnet (High School); Dan Zavorka (High School) and Krista Errington, Cindy Cockerill, Jessica Hernandez, Sarah Verstuyft, David Baroffio, Stephanie Jones and Bob Shearhart (High School). For more information go to the BISD Education Foun-dation Facebook page for pics and video of Prize Posse presentations.