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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

How often do you doubt something you hear? How often do you have doubts about your abilities or have doubts about the abilities of others? Many people today flounder in a mire of doubt, uncertainty and fear about how things are going' where are we going' . . . We all have doubts at times about ourselves and others. It is only human.
Doubting has always been and will always be a human characteristic. When in maturity we find ourselves gripped with uncertainty or struggling in desperation we are bound to have doubts.
Couldn't it be said that it is better to have honest doubts than no doubts at all? Couldn't it be said that some doubts torment us only because we have too little faithand this holds true whether it applies to doubts about people, science and religion.
Obviously then, the best way to reduce doubts is to increase faith. Sounds simple? It is!