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Honor Veterans Now feeds hungry veterans

By Beverly Barr Contributor

Honor Veterans Now has the single-minded mission of making sure that every veteran has at least one hot, nutritious meal a day. There are a number of safety nets for veterans and seniors who are at least 60 years old. But younger veterans have fewer resources available to them – especially those who live in rural areas.
Have you ever been in a restaurant and picked up the tab for soldiers sitting nearby? It’s a generous act that benefits all parties involved – the “giver” and the “receiver.” Tom Holubik, CEO for Honor Veterans Now shares this example as a way of underscoring the challenge of picking up the tab for honorable veterans who cannot afford to feed themselves – because you will not find them in restaurants.
Honor Veterans Now currently provides the financial support to feed 280 veterans one hot meal every day, a small fraction of the number of hungry veterans that would qualify for the program. HVN partners with a range of service organizations around the state including Silver Sage Community Center in Bandera, Meals on Wheels and Jewish Community Centers to prepare and distribute the meals.
Congressman Lamar Smith visited the headquarters of Honor Veterans Now in Fredericksburg last Friday, March 31, to get a better feel for the nonprofit organization’s mission and to see how he and his staff could help. Congressman Smith wound up offering the encouragement and support that accompanies a well-drafted letter of recommendation to a grant committee. And , with complimentary t-shirt in hand, the congressman said, “I don’t mind being a walking billboard for this organization!” He also promised to look into the possibility of federal funding for the organization.
“We’re in the age of great budget constraints,” Smith said. But, he went on to describe, that doesn’t mean there isn’t ‘money left on the table” every year. By way of example, Smith said that every year there is more student loan money available than borrowed. Smith emphasized that it is always worth checking on the availability of federal funding.
It’s no small wonder that Congressman Smith would take an interest in Honor Veterans Now. Congressional District 21 includes approximately 700,000 constituents. Of those constituents approximately 65,000 — close to 10 percent —are veterans.
To learn more about Honor Veterans Now or to make a donation, visit their website at https://honorveteransnow.org.