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Fund gathers donations for wildfire victims


Nearly half a million acres of the Texas Panhandle burned. Homes, barns and fences burned. Some lost livestock. Others lost their lives.
Now that the fires are out, farmers, ranchers and landowners are working to rebuild. But they need help.
"Some people lost everything, Barbara Mazurek, Bandera County Farm Bureau president, said "To help our neighbors get back on their feet, Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) has developed a Panhandle Wildfire Relief Fund, for tax-deductible donations to meet the needs in the Panhandle."
Following the fires, farmers and ranchers from across Texas and neighboring states trucked hay and other donations to the Panhandle. As of March 13, hay enough to meet the needs for surviving livestock had been met.
"Right now, fencing and financial support are very important," Barbara said. "It's hard to imagine losing everything you own-from the fence surrounding your property to the forage your livestock eat. Donations made to this fund will help affected by the fires to rebuild their lives."
Credit card donations may be made via the TFB website at: http://TexasFarmBureau.org/panhandle-wildfire-relief-fund. Checks may be made out to the Texas Farm Bureau Agriculture Research and Education Foundation and mailed to: Panhandle Wildfire Committee, P.O. Box 2689, Waco, Texas 76702-2689. Please include "Attention: Cyndi Gerik" on donation envelopes.