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What everyone should know about illegal immigration


Fidel C. Ramirez, a 20 year resident of the Texas Hill Country, born and raised on the Texas-Mexican border, will lead a non partisan discussion addressing our long term national problem, illegal immigration. The brown bag lunch forum will be held beginning at 10 am Saturday, April 1 in the Bandera Electric Cooperative Community Room located at 3172 St Hwy 16 N, Bandera. The program will break for one hour at noon and resume at 1 pm to discuss possible solutions other than those being proposed by Washington.
According to Ramirez, the American public has only heard sound bites and promises by our elected officials, but has not had the necessary discussion to fully understand the problem nor the opportunity to provide input toward finding solutions for the decades old problem.
Ramirez’s presentation will draw on his many years of experience on the border. In addition to having worked as a US Customs Inspector, worked with illegal immigrants on his ranch, and having taught illegal immigrants, he has witnessed, first had, the flow of illegal immigrants through our southern border. He feels that his unique understanding of the hardships and abuse endured by illegal immigrants on both sides of the border will offer others the insight necessary to consider more practical solutions to the controversial issue.
Together with those in attendance, Ramirez will discuss early legal immigration, encouraged illegal immigration by the U.S. Government and most importantly, the acceptance by the American public. All points which have contributed to the national problem that we now face and must resolve.
Anyone needing additional information may contact Ramirez at 830-796-4376, 210-218-7205 or email donnaandfidel@yahoo.com.