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Time for hog callin' and catchin'

By Genie Strickland Contributed

The Wild Hog Catch, the signature event at the 15th Annual Wild Hog Explosion, is not just for tough guys. Girls get into the action too. The Kronkosky Library of Bandera has a category for every age group. Don’t miss out of the fun and laughter beginning at 10 am, Saturday, March 18 in the Mansfield Park arena.

Bandera is a quirky town when it comes to events. Always different and exciting! You would think the local library would be reserved and for the most part, they are, but boy do they like to have fun! So, if you have not been to the Annual Wild Hog Explosion to see the Wild Hog Explosion - SAVE THE DATE! Don’t miss the 15th Annual event scheduled for the last Saturday of Spring Break, March 18th. The event includes, the hilarious, Wild Hog Catch, a Hog Calling Contest, Bacon Bingo (?), an awesome Wild Hog Feed, the always crowd pleasing BBQ Cook-Off, and let’s not forget the many craft vendors and fun games for the kids!
The Wild Hog Explosion is exciting! First you start with about 150 wild hogs that vary in size and age. Then you take a group of willing humans that also vary in size and age! Match up the size and weight, put one hog in the ring with two nervous people and challenge the humans to catch the smart, fast, and loud wild hogs! The object is to catch the hog, put him in a feed sack and get him to the finish line! Teams are judged on time. Oh, and you only have 1 minute to catch the hog before the whistle blows! Most of the time the hog wins…but not without a lot of action, adventure and tons of laughs, generally from the hog! Don’t worry, we would never hurt the hogs. If you own domestic hogs, you know to doctor them you have to go in the pen and catch them. But these hogs are wild and smarter!
Plan to spend the day and bring the kids! They can enter a Hog Catch for runts (ages three & four), piglets (ages five & six) and shoats (ages seven to nine). The kids do not have to catch the hog - just touch it. Everyone that touches the piglets gets a ribbon! Really fun! We also have a “Hog Calling Contest” for all ages! This is amazing! Oh, and don’t be surprised if we ask you to Kiss a Pig! Prizes for all events.
Mom can shop the arts and crafts show! And for Dad, commercial booths and a Lone Star Bar B Que Society sanctioned Cook-Off competition! Visit the cookers where you can nibble at the competitions meats. Or call us if you want to be a judge! (Only a certain number of judges accepted and to qualify you must like to eat!) At 11 am you can buy a lunch plate and “Pig Out!” YUM! All proceeds go to the Kronkosky Library of Bandera County.
It’s not just other people getting in on all the action; you can compete for prizes too! Enter the Hog Catch and have a chance to win a great belt buckle! Enter the BBQ Cook-Off to win trophies and bragging rights, as well as cash prizes! Don’t feel like bringing out your grill? You can still participate! Enter the Bloody Mary or Best Margarita Competitions! Wow! If that’s just too much action you can enter BACON BINGO! Top prize is $1,000 and all proceeds go directly to the Bandera Library. Wow, fun and supporting the Library too! Wait! What is Bacon Bingo? Well, we draw a grid on the ground with 300 squares, each selling for $10. Then we release Wild Wilbur and Wild Willie (both young willing wild hogs). They both have donated their time and will “Go” for the Library, so we just watch them and when the first hog “goes” , well whatever square he “goes” on is the winner!
What an exciting weekend! For more information, or to enter any of the competitions, check out the website at www.wildhogexplosion.com. Gates open at 10 am! SOOOOOWEEEEE!