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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

One of the fine organizations for youngsters in America is scouting The Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. It was in March, on the 12th in 1912, that Daisy Gordon, and ten other young girls, met in an unused stable of Daisy's aunt, Mrs. Juliette Low, in Savannah, Georgia, and founded the first patrol of Girl Guides in the United States.
Mrs. Low had married an Englishman and they lived in London and Savannah. She knew Sir Robert Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scouts, and when she became acquainted with and helped the Girl Guides which had been founded in Savannah by her sister she brought the two concepts together.
The headquarters of the Girl Scouts was moved to Washington in 1915, after other groups began forming in other cities. Later it was moved to New York and in the span of only a few decades, there had grown up in this country a national Girl Scout organization with members numbered in the millions.
Generally speaking, scouting is one of our noblest youth organizations teaching and stressing doing good deeds helping others courtesy, learning and cleanness in word and deed. After a short period of declining interest in scouting, the movement is again vigorous and expanding, which is good and welcome news.................