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Texas Chef entertains locals and tourists with tales of Texas, cooking and rock

By Sandy Jennings BCC Staff Writer

Texas Chef Stan McDonald came back to Bandera for his second book signing of his expanded cookbook, “The Texas Chef Down Home Cooking,” at the Bandera General Store this past Saturday.
McDonald entertained locals and tourists with his many tales of Texas adventures, cooking under the Texas influence and his early dreams of being a rock ‘n roll star.
“I’ve been playing guitar for over 20 years,” McDonald said. “I could play just about everything. I thought I was going to be a rock ‘n roll star.”
It was his early years chasing the rock band dream that led McDonald to his successful cooking career.
“i took jobs in restaurants and kitchens because the hours allowed me to pursue a career as a musician,” McDonald said. “I was learning a trade in cooking and didn’t even know it.”
As music gigs took him across the country, McDonald became more and more interested in his day job--cooking.
“I became really interested in experimenting with food and creating my own recipes,” McDonald said.
As McDonald created his own signature dishes, he couldn’t help but gravitate towards dishes with a Texas flair.
“I believe everyone eats what they ate growing up and I have always loved Texas food,” McDonald said. “Anywhere I traveled as a chef, I would put Texas food on the menu.”
Born in Midland, Texas, and raised in Fort Worth, McDonald has traveled across the nation spreading Texas delicacies to receptive foodies everywhere. He has added dishes indicative to the Lone Star State in every restaurant under his direction.
“I put brisket nachos on a menu in Tennessee and chicken fried steak on a menu in Oregon,” McDonald said. “Everyone loves Texas food.”
According to McDonald, it’s easy to “Texasize” any dish. For example, the traditional spaghetti and meatballs is turned into a Texas dish by changing the meatballs to taco meat and adding a “Tex-Mex” tomato sauce.
McDonald hopes to grow his cooking business and eventually expand into retail cooking products and cooking shows. The state wide book signing is one of the many steps he’s taking to reach his goal.
“I shot a 30 minute cooking show that you can view on my website,” McDonald said. “I’ve also added my ‘Texas bandana’ to my website retail store and I’m working on a customized mesquite cutting board.”
Social media has played a big part in The Texas Chef’s growing fan base with over 20,000 followers and thousands of hits a day on his website, McDonald is becoming a household name in Texas kitchens.
If you missed The Texas Chef at his Bandera stop, you can still catch him on one of his many signings across Texas, including his stop in Kerrville next week. Fo more information on The Texas Chef and his award-winning recipes visit his social media sites including facebook.com/TheTexasChef, pinterest.com/info6958/the-texas-chef, twitter @TexaschefThe, youtube.com/TheTexasChef1, www.thetexaschef.com or email McDonald at contacttexaschef@gmail.com.