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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

A type of person can be pretty well determined by his or her attitude. An attitude of hopelessness can be and usually is disastrous. An attitude that accepts reality, whatever it is, and faces a situation with a determination not to let it throw you can always be helpful.
Of course, this sort of thing is more easily said than done. Yet it can be done because people have done it. Actually, an attitude is a human resource. It can be drawn upon, revamped, replaced, revitalized. It is a human resource that provides mental grooming. A properly groomed attitude can change a feeeling of failure to an expectation of success. An attitude of hopelessness can never induce an attitude of hope. No one ever gained happiness with an unhappy attitude. No one ever gained friendship with an unfriendly attitude.
When an attitude needs changing, change it! With faith and acceptance of God's help aided by your own determination and intelligence, IT CAN BE DONE..........