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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

Prearrangement of funeral services relieves the family of having to make important decisions at a difficult time and enables one to let their wishes known.
Planning a funeral is a series of major decisions which does not occur in a person's everyday life. Decisions such as what kind of service? what music selections do I want? what minister? what kind of casket? what cemetery? flowers? pallbearers?- do I want cremation?-- newspaper obituaries? the list is extensive and making those decisions at the time of death can make an emotional situation worse.
If you choose to preplan a funeral, the staff at Grimes Funeral Chapels will be glad to explain the advantages of prearrangements. This can take place in the comfort of your own home or at the funeral home.
For more information on prearrangements, please contact us by telephone, stop by our office or you may email us at info@grimesfuneralchapels.com. Of course, this is without obligation or any cost.