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Silver Spur Skate Park finally a realilty


The City of Bandera and The Bandera Economic Development Corporation are pleased to announce the long awaited groundbreaking of The Silver Spur Skate Park located at 9th and Maple which was held Wednesday, Feb 22. The youth and this community have been raising money for this project for 16 years. With the EDC recently funding an additional $60,000, the Silver Spur Skate Park Trust Fund now has a balance of $134,588.05 to build the park. The EDC has contracted with American Ramp Company of Joplin, Missouri to design and build the park. After several meetings at the high school and city hall with the designers, the EDC has, with input from the skaters in the community, chosen the design that gives the skaters most of the park elements they wanted within the budget that is available. The one design element that is not currently in the budget is a 16 foot grind radius. The Skate Park Trust fund needs about $3,200 more to add this final touch and give the skaters a premier skate park. There are several fundraisers being planned to help finish this project. If you would like to contribute to this project directly, you can make a donation to The Skate Park Trust Fund at the city hall. Work will begin at the site on Monday Feb 27. If we continue to be blessed with this weather pattern, which is perfect for doing concrete work. Assuming everything goes as planned, The Silver Spur Skate Park will be celebrating its grand opening on May 6. The EDC is proud to be funding and finalizing The Silver Spur Skate Park. This is a shining example of our community and its local government agencies all working together to make Bandera a better place. Make your plans now to come celebrate the skate park.