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BHS named top in state small school rankings

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Getting ready to compete in Region III, BHS’ Academic Decathlon Team Sponsor Dan Zavorka, Kalee Schoonmaker, Maddie Brzezinski, Blake Kromer, Zackery Nordquist, Lane Hadley, Mathew Houser, Kayla Popham, David Guzman, Jeanine Dorrough and Joshua Ellingson.

BHS Academic Decathlon Named Top School in State Small School Rankings

The BHS Academic Decathlon team competed in Region III competition this past weekend. Bandera won first place in the Region and first place in Super Quiz. When state rankings were released, Bandera was ranked firstt in the 2017 Small School division. The BHS team won 39 individual medals, not counting the gold medals in Super Quiz.
In individual results: Lane Hadley won first in Interview; Joshua Ellingson won first in Speech, Mathew Houser won second and Maddie Brzezkinski, Jeannine Dorrough and Lane Hadley swept all three categories, Honor, Scholastic and Varsity, for third place; in Essay, Zachery Nordquist received a first place and Blake Kromer received a second place; Zachery Nordquist, Joshua Ellingson and Blake Kromer all won first place in Mathematics divisions, and Kalee Schoonmaker and Lane Hadley won third place; in Music Zackery Nordquist won first place, Lane Hadley won second place and sweeping all levels at third were Mathew Houser, Joshua Ellingson and Blake Kromer; in Economics, Mathew Houser and Joshua Ellingson placed first, and Lane Hadley and Blake Kromer placed second; in Science, Mathew Houser, Joshua Ellingson, and Blake Kromer swept first place in Honors, Scholastic and Varsity categories and Zackery Nordquist placed second; in Language/Literature, Mathew Houser and Joshua Ellingson placed first, Lane Hadley and David Guzman placed second and in third place Kalee Schoonmaker and Blake Kromer placed third; in Art, Mathew Houser and Kalee Schoonmaker placed second and Lane Hadley and Joshua Ellingson placed third; and in Social Sciences, Blake Kromer placed first, Mathew Houser placed second and Lane Hadley placed third. High Score medals went to: Blake Kromer, first in Honors; David Guzman, fifth in Honors; Joshua Ellingson, first in Scholastic and Kalee Schoonmaker fifth in Scholastic; in Varsity Mathew Houser won first, Lane Hadley won seceond place; and Zackery Norquist won third place. “I am so proud of the team. This is the first time we have ever seen a single school sweep all three high score medals in Varsity,” stated Dan Zavorka, sponsor. The BHS Academic Decathlon team will advance to state competition in El Paso.