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81st Annual Bandera County Jr. Livestock show

Special to the Courier

Photo by Front Porch Photography, 830-426-9314
The 2016 Bandera County Jr. Livestock Show Grand Champion Steer, owned by Conner Womble, was purchased by Strike USA, Jarvie & Amy Arnold and Wells Fargo Bank-Bandera.

The 81st Annual Bandera County Junior Livestock show will be held January 12-14, at the Mansfield Park Showbarn.
The county stock show is the culmination of many long hours, days, weeks, and months of hard work put in by our 4H and FFA members and their families. The stock show program helps build “life skills” such as time management, record keeping, competition, sportsmanship, leadership skills and discipline, just to name a few.
The birth of the Bandera County Jr. Livestock show took place in 1936 when the Medina Future Farmers of America (FFA) hosted the first Stock Show in the county.
The purpose of the show was to select the best animals for participation in the San Antonio Southwest Texas Boys Fat Stock Show.
In 1937, County Agent Howard Schlemmer started a county 4H organization and used that foundation to jump start the junior show. By 1938, the county show included 23 pens of sheep, several goats, some hogs and chickens. Twenty-three boys took part in the show, exhibiting more than 140 animals. The show alternated its location each year from Bandera to Medina and back again, before moving to its permanent home at Mansfield Park in Bandera.
This year there are over 520 entries in the show. 4H and FFA members from all over the county are participating.
Everyone is encouraged to come out to the show and see some of the best livestock in the Hill Country. Here is the schedule for this year’s exciting show.

THURSDAY - Jan. 12*
8:00 am
Animals start arriving
8:00 - 10:00 am
Poultry and rabbits will be weighed and sifted as they unload; All others unload and stalled first
10:00 am
All animals in place
10:00 am
Rabbit showmanship
10:00 am
Weigh and sift lambs, goats, cattle and hogs
12:30 pm
Judge Breeding Sheep, followed by Market Lambs
Sheep Showmanship (follows Market Lamb Show)
1:00 pm
Judge Broilers, followed by Turkeys
Poultry Showmanship (follows Turkey Show)
2:00 pm
Judge Farm Mechanics Projects
3:00 pm
Judge Market Rabbits, followed by Breeding Rabbits (approximate time—will follow Poultry Showmanship)
3:30 pm
Judge Angora Goats
4:30 pm
Judge Meat Does followed by Market Goats
Goat Showmanship (follows Goat Show)
FRIDAY - Jan. 13*
8:00 am
Judge Market Swine, followed by Breeding Swine
Swine Showmanship (follows Swine Show)
10:00 am
Judge Breeding Cattle, followed by Market Steers
Cattle Showmanship (follows Steer Show)
2:00 pm
Horse Show - Rodeo arena
1:00 pm
Deadline for exhibitor to notify superintendent of which animal they intend to sell. (or conclusion of last judged event)
All feeders, handling supplies, etc. should be removed from barn.
Barn setup after Swine Show.
SATURDAY - Jan. 14*
10:30 am
Buyer Registration
11:00 -12 noon
Buyer BBQ Lunch
11:30 am
Stock Show Awards
12:00 pm
Livestock Auction
*Show times subject to change.
Food and drinks will be available at the Concession Stand during the entire show and auction. Concession stand proceeds benefit the Bandera County 4H program. Come enjoy a delicious hamburger, sausage wrap or frito pie and a great show.
The auction will take place on Saturday following the Stock Show Award ceremony. Auction buyer registration will begin at 10:30 am. An auction sale list will be posted at the Bandera County Jr. Livestock Show website, www.bcjlsa.com.
If you would like to help support our local youth, please contact Kevin Meier, President, Bandera County Jr. Livestock Show Association at 210-260-8224 or Jim Mangold, Treasurer at 210-215-1984.