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Eminent domain, taxes among TFB legislative priorities


When the 85th Texas Legislature convenes in January, Texas Farm Bureau (TFB) will be there ready to fight for farmers, ranchers and Bandera County residents.
While thousands of bills will be filed in the 140-day regular session on a myriad of topics, TFB will focus on seven state legislative priorities.
“The biggest priority is eminent domain,” Barbara Mazurek, Bandera County Farm Bureau president, said. “In the past, TFB has been involved in eminent domain reform but more work needs to be done to make the process fair for landowners facing eminent domain.”
Other priority issues named by the TFB board of directors include: Producer Financial Protections, Water, Taxes, Land use Regulation, Transportation and Animal Care.
“TFB fights for the residents of Bandera County,“ Barbara said. “As a grassroots organization, we have our hand in the policy set forth by the state organization. Leaders from our count along with representatives from across the state, decide what issues will impact agriculture most and what we should work towards to ensure a strong future for Texas agriculture.”
On a national level, TFB will focus on eight national legislative priorities. They are: trade, taxes, regulatory reform, the farm bill, cottonseed, agriculture technologies, property rights and border security/immigration.
“Each year, TFB takes a group of people from cross Texas to Washington, DC to meet with members of congress and their staffs to talk about why the topics are important and what needs to be done to ensure the future of Texas agriculture,” Barbara said.
“It’s important to reach out to our representation in Austin and Washington DC,” Barbara said. “These lawmakers want to hear from you. Explain why a specific bill is important to you. Share your story so they really understand what’s needed.”
Voter voice, a feature on www.texasfarmbureau.org, makes it easier to stay in touch with state and national lawmakers.
Simply visit http://texasfarmbureau.org/advocacy/voter-voice to sign up for alerts, find legislation, look up officials and submit comments on issues when applicable.