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Honorary Citizen, Alfred Mrohs, dies January 1st

Special to the Courier

The Bandera County connection and friendship between Rozmierz citizen Alfred Mrohs began in 2003. Elenora Dugosh Goodley along with her daughter Lori Pierce, husband Steven and four children visited Alfred and his family in May 2003. During this visit Alfred and Elenora got to know each other and discussed the possibility of forming a sister partnership between the County of Strzelce Opolskie and City of Bandera.
In 2004 Mrohs and Goodley began plans to form a sister city partnership and contacted their official representatives. In August of that year Representative Mrohs visited Bandera and a Sister City Proclamation was written and signed by City of Bandera Mayor, the Honorable Denise Griffin. Mrohs returned the proclamation to Poland where it was later signed by Strzelce Opolskie Representatives, Honorable Gerhard Bartodziej and Honorable Krzysztof Fabianowski.
In 2005 the Bandera County Commissioners Court approved a Sister Partnership with the County of Strzelce Opolskie. On October 13, 2005, a Sister County Proclamation was signed by Honorable Judge Evans and later signed by Strzelce Opolskie Representatives, Honorable Gerhard Bartodziej and Honorable Krzysztof Fabianowski.
Exchange visits and the exchange of information, history and culture between Strzelce Opolskie Poland and Bandera, were agreed upon. During this time, representative Mrohs continued to participate in exchange visits, promoting goodwill and peace through the exchange of culture, agriculture, education, economic development, historical events, partnership projects, and locating relatives of Bandera Polish descendants.
In May 2009 at the First Texas Gala In Strzelce Opolskie, Poland, Ambassador Elenora Dugosh Goodley presented Representative Mrohs with the Bandera County Commissioners Court Distinguished Service Award for his dedication and volunteer work in forming and promoting the Sister City and County Partnerships.
On August 31, 2006, the City and County of Bandera, Texas declared Alfred Mrohs an Honorary Citizen of The City of Bandera and of Bandera County, Texas USA.
On Thanksgiving day, 2016, Mrohs suffered a devastating fall. He never regained consciousness and died on Sunday, Jan. 1.
It is with great sadness and loving respect that the City and County of Bandera, Texas, USA, its officials and citizens send our deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Honorable Alfred Mrohs and the citizens and officials of the city and county of Strzelce Opolskie, Poland.