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Knight defeats Hannah in runoff

By Steven James BCC Editor

At a vote of 49-22, Justin Knight has defeated former Bandera Mayor Pro Tem Jim Hannah in the city’s runoff election for the unexpired city council seat.
The two were tied at 89 votes each from the general election, as well as from the voting recount the city hosted soon after to see if there was a clear winner. Election Day for the runoff was Tuesday, Dec. 20.
Knight received 60.49 percent of the total votes, and Hannah received 39.51 percent. Eighty-one people voted in the runoff.
The unexpired seat exists because Bandera City Mayor Suzanne Schauman resigned from city council in April, but her two-year term was not supposed to end until November 2017, leaving an open seat on the council. Former mayoral candidate and city council member Cindy Coffey replaced Schauman in May.
Knight will serve on city council until next year when the seat goes up for reelection.