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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

The season of Christmas is sacred and is observed by Christians all over the world as commemorating the coming of the King. It is then that we devote ourselves to the joys of our friendships and to the contemplation of spiritual things. Our hearts are mellowed, our spirits are lifted, and our good will is broadened. It is the season of giving, giving not only to our loved ones but also to others who are less fortunate than we.
The message of New Year's Day is, "Think of the passing of time." The message for Easter is, "Think of immortality." The message of Thanksgiving is "Think of your blessings." But the message of Christmas is "Think of others."
Generally, at no other time during the year are we so generous towards others as during the Christmas season. Streets are crowded with package-laden shoppers who have been spending their time and money on gifts for others . . . Yet it is possible to have Christmas all around us and still not share in it with heart and mind.
When God measures a man, He puts the measuring tape around the heart. As we wrap our gifts this year, let us make sure that we put something of ourselves into each one.
Christmas joy springs form the loving and generous heart. Merry Christmas!