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Bandera city council continues preparation process, schedules workshop

By Steven James BCC Editor

Bandera City Council chose LNV Inc. to be the engineering firm to complete the 2017-2018 Texas Community Development Block Grant fund application.
Part of the fund will be spent on what is currently an undetermined project, and the rest will be spent on paying Langford Community Management Services for administrative duties. LNV was only hired to help with the application process, not to complete the undetermined project.
The city has to complete the preparation process for the application by Feb. 9. At the previous city council meeting, Bandera City Administrator Michael Garr said he sent out five RFPs (requests for approval), but only received replies from three. The other two firms were Klein and Cope Engineering and TRC Engineers Inc.
Representatives from each firm were asked to attend the meeting by request of Bandera City Council Member Glenn Clark because city officials, including Clark, who assessed the firms were unsatisfied with how they answered questions about their qualifications. At the meeting, each firm was asked how often it completes projects on time and on budget, a time it worked on a specific project or with a city that was more difficult to handle than normal and if they are familiar with Bandera’s water system.
“We come in on time and on budget—that is a big component,” Derek Naiser of LNV Inc. said. “We have a staff of a little over 20 that do municipal projects like this. We also work with communities all around the area of central and south Texas.”
Cindy Beckham was elected to be the new Economic Development Corporation board member and Robert Koimn was elected to be the new Planning and Zoning Commission member.
Council also approved the $50,000 the EDC voted last Wednesday to fund the Silver Spur Skate Park, as well as the $75,000 for the early stage flood warning system.
"The city’s new website should be live by the third week of January," Garr said. "Also, the city’s new, fiber-optic phone system should be running sometime next month."
Council also voted to have a workshop on Saturday, Jan. 7 at 10 am with EDC and P&Z. The location is currently undetermined, but EDC’s consultant, Stewardship Strategies, will be present to facilitate.
Near the end of the meeting, council went into Executive Session to discuss the possibility of hiring a new city administrator. Garr recently turned in his resignation and officially leaves his current position on Dec. 30 to become the new Bandera County Public Library director.
“Thank you for saying you will do whatever it takes to assist us in the transition,” Bandera City Council Member Toni Kunz said. “That makes me feel better.”
Council hopes to finalize the process of locating a new administrator by the Jan. 5 meeting. Bandera Mayor Pro Tem Rebeca Gibson said council will put an advertisement in the Bandera County Courier, in the Bandera Bulletin, in the San Antonio Express-News and on the Texas Municipal League website.
Bandera City Mayor Suzanne Schauman said the city has also received several applications for the position, and will review those in addition to people who express interest because of the advertisements.