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Bandera EDC to fund skate park

By Steven James BCC Editor

The Bandera Economic Development Corporation voted during a public hearing last Wednesday to provide $50,000 to fund the Silver Spur Skate Park, which will be located at 8th Street and Maple Street.
The project has been in development for almost 16 years. EDC President Art Crawford said the project should bring in revenue for the city and give Bandera youth another thing to do.
Bandera Mayor Pro Tem Rebeca Gibson, who teaches at Bandera High School, gave the EDC a design one of her students drew of what he thinks the skate park should look like. Crawford and Board Member Glenn Clark both said the drawing resembled the board’s initial design.
The total cost of the park is expected to be $125,000. In addition to EDC’s $50,000, $76,000 has already been raised. Crawford also said he hopes Bandera youth and their parents in the next few weeks will get more involved with the project by attending EDC meetings. He also said the board members will try to visit schools so it’s convenient for students.
“We don’t want to spend $125,000 and it not be used, because it’s not what they wanted,” Crawford said. “We want to give them as much as they want as we can with this budget.”
Anybody interested in learning more may visit the park’s Facebook page.
In the following public hearing, the board also voted to approve funding for the early stage flood warning system.
The total cost of the early flood warning system will be approximately $530,300, and EDC voted to fund $75,000 of that—$25,000 per year. Crawford said if any part of the warning system washes away, it will be replaced by the U.S. Geological Survey.
During its meeting, EDC hired Stewardship Strategies to be consultant for its policy and proceedures manual, as well as for funding strategies and business development.
“What we’d like to do is pretty thorough research of EDCs that are similar in size and also a little larger to see what they’re doing,” Britin Bostick of Stewardship Strategies said. “We look at a lot of communities that are maybe not doing the best, but we learn from that, so that I don’t give you that advice.”