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Bandera City Council prepares for final application, plans to honor LadyBulldogs CC

By Steven James BCC Editor

Bandera City Council voted to prepare to apply for a 2017-2018 Texas Community Development Block Grant fund, part of which will be used to hire an engineering firm for what is currently an undetermined project.
The deadline to complete the preparation process for that is Feb. 9, 2017. Because city council needs to choose a firm soon to meet the deadline, as well as complete other steps before getting ready to apply, it decided it will select a firm at the Dec. 15 meeting. The amount of the fund has yet to be determined, Bandera City Administrator Michael Garr said.
Like with applying for the 2016-2017 TxCDBG fund, Langford Community Management Services will be in charge of administrative duties. Part of the 2016-2017 fund was used to hire Klein and Cope Engineering to complete a water project. The total amount for that project is approximately $700,000, Garr said.
He said the city sent out five RFPs (requests for approval), one per engineering firm, but only received replies from three. Klein and Cope scored the highest among those three businesses, but a couple of city officials who assessed the firms expressed concern relating to how the companies answered the questions about their qualifications.
“All this is is everybody patting themselves on the back, telling me how great they are,” Bandera City Mayor Suzanne Schauman said. “I did grade them based on the material that I had, but there’s no way to know if they complete their projects on time, if they are within budget constraints and all the different questions that were on the questionnaire. We don’t know what kind of money’s involved, we don’t know what we’re looking at—that’s my comment on this selection process.”
City council also voted to make Precinct One Justice of the Peace Mike Towers municipal judge and Precinct Three Justice of the Peace Eino Zapata associate municipal judge, and to make the Bandera Bulletin the city’s official newspaper.
Council approved celebrating the LadyBulldogs Varsity Cross Country Team for winning the UIL Region IV State Championship for the past three years by putting a sign onto the water tower.
Bandera Bulletin staff member Chris Darus gave a presentation in which he proposed the young ladies’ accomplishments be put on the side of the tower facing Bandera High School and Main Street. Darus also congratulated the efforts of BHS, Coach Steve Goleman and the assistant coaches in helping the team win as often as it did. The final draft for the sign will be decided in a future council meeting.
“The young ladies that currently compete on the varsity cross country team along with those in the past years have represented the program, the high school the city of Bandera and Bandera County at the highest level of their sport, finishing top six in the state meet of the last seven years,” Darus said. “Outside funding is being arranged as we speak to make this actually work. They made Bandera synonymous with grace, dignity and fair play with winning the Texas girls’ high school cross country championships.”