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Shopper’s Jubilee 2016

Special to the Courier

Wow! We needed the rain but not on the same night at Shopper’s Jubilee! The 35th annual event had to be cancelled on Friday, as well as the Cowboy Campfire Christmas on the River on Saturday due to the heavy rains.
The rains also kept us from completing the lights on the river. Standing water made it difficult to complete the electrical requirements necessary to complete the job. The lights should be ready to turn on soon!
Julie Conrad, President of the Bandera Business Association expressed disappointment on the cancellation and the Board feels that other local events would be affected if the event should be rescheduled. The Chamber of Commerce has announced their Christmas Lighted Night Parade will take place at 6:30 pm on Friday evening.
Its not too late to sign up for a chance to win $500 cash from the Bandera Business Association. Sign up at any downtown store. Its free to enter! The drawing will take place at high Noon on the court house lawn on Saturday, Dec. 10.
Merry Christmas from the Bandera Business Association!