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Western Heritage Cowboy Church robbed Thanksgiving weekend

By Steven James BCC Editor

Pictured: Western Heritage Cowboy Church Youth Director Tyson Kraft examines the dip in the fence near the youth building. The building was robbed for the third time in four years last week, and Kraft was examining the surrounding area for irregularities.

More than $1,500 in belongings was stolen from the Western Heritage Cowboy Church’s youth building at 7146 FM 1283 between Lakehills and Pipe Creek, between 8:30 pm Wednesday and late Sunday morning.
Youth Director Tyson Kraft called in the theft sometime between 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm Sunday.
"This is the third time in four years the church’s youth building had been robbed, and each time was around Thanksgiving," Senior Pastor Cliff Hargrove said.
The burglars took a brand new Wii U, a Blu-ray player, two game cameras and a 55-inch flat screen Vizio Smart TV. They also took a chair from the children’s building.
Hargrove and Kraft both think it was done with the aid of a church member.
Removing the Blu-ray player and the TV, as well as the cameras on the back of the youth building and in the tree near the building, would’ve required particular tools. The robbers also knew to drive around the fence surrounding the main church building to avoid the surveillance cameras, except for the two they took. They unlocked the door that led to the tennis table, instead of breaking into it.
Hargrove and Kraft also noticed the fence near the children and youth buildings was more dipped than usual, and that tire tracks were right on the outside of the fence.
Hargrove was unsure of the amount of damage done to the building in monetary terms.
He said these were not just items youth members had for entertainment, but also, equipment used for bible lessons and youth meetings.
“The thief needs to know we’re not laxed about what we’re doing,” Hargrove said. “We’re being proactive from this time forward.”
Hargrove and Kraft both said the church had not mentioned anything about the previous two break-ins other than to law enforcement, because they tried to be forgiving about what happened to the church. They said people probably broke into a church because it’s an easy thing to do.
“We hadn’t maybe pursued this like we should,” Kraft said.
The robbery is under investigation at the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office.