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City of Bandera to host runoff election

By Steven James BCC Editor

Jim Hannah and Justin Knight were still tied at 89 votes each for the unexpired Bandera City Council seat after the city held a recount on Monday. The city is currently organizing a runoff election.
Registered Precinct 305 voters who live within the city limits may participate in the runoff. Booths will be located at the Ray F. Mauer Annex at 403 12th St. Unlike in the regular election, the Lakehills Area Library at 7200 FM 1283 and the Medina Annex at 161 E. Parker St. will not be available for voting.
Extended early voting will be on Dec. 8 and 9 between 7 am and 7 pm, regular early voting will be Dec. 12-16 from 7:30 am to 5 pm and Election Day will be Tuesday, Dec. 20. Bandera City Administrator Michael Garr, who will be the election administrator for the runoff, said people who want to vote with paper ballots need to get their applications to the election office at the Mauer Annex by 5 pm on Dec. 9.
Garr said he knows the runoff will not attract as many numbers as the record 60 percent Bandera County voter turnout during the general election, but he hopes people will still cast ballots.
“This time there won’t be Democratic or Republican,” Garr said. “That confused a lot of people. They voted straight party and because everybody was nonpartisan in the city election, they bypassed their opportunity to vote for anybody there.”
He said the unexpired position exists because Bandera City Mayor Suzanne Schauman resigned from city council this past April, but her two-year term was not supposed to end until November 2017, leaving an open seat. Cindy Coffey, who also ran for mayor this election season, replaced Schauman. The winner between Hannah and Knight will serve until the seat goes up for reelection next year.
Garr also said he is looking for people to work as election officials, a position that pays $8.50 per hour. Election officials will work at the poll, help people cast ballots and answer voters’ questions. Garr, Schauman, Bandera City Council Member Glenn Clark and a group of registered voters helped select a list of people on Monday who the city will contact to work as election officials.
Schauman said people who are interested in being an election official can call Bandera City Hall at 830-796-3765. Training will occur on Dec. 5, 6 and 7.