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All 16 amendments passed by state voters


Texas voters approved all 16 constitutional amendments Tuesday, Nov. 6, according to unofficial results from the Texas Secretary of State’s website.

Bandera County voters were more critical and gave their blessings to 13 of the 16 but turned thumbs down on Propositions 2 (more money for student loans), 4 (more bond money for state construction projects) 12 (more bond money for TxDot), and 16 (bond money for water & sewer projects).
They just barely approved Proposition 15, to create a Texas cancer research initiative, by a 636 to 604 margin.

One place where Bandera County voters followed state voters was in turnout. Only 1,262 Bandera County voters cast ballots of the 14,132 eligible, which represented 8.93 percent, according to the Bandera County Election office. Statewide approximately 8.5 percent of eligible Texans voted.

Bandera County voting results for each amendment include
Prop. 1 Appropriation for facilities at Angelo State University
Yes 757
No 437

Prop. 2 Issuance of $500 million in bonds to finance student loans
Yes 599
No 619

Prop. 3 Limiting appraised value of the residence homestead
Yes 778
No 447

Prop. 4 Issuance of up to $1 billion in bonds for construction projects
Yes 444
No 779

Prop. 5 Local election to limit municipal property taxes
Yes 682
No 519

Prop. 6 Exempt from ad valorem tax one motor vehicle owned by an individual
Yes 946
No 290

Prop. 7 Allow government entities to sell property acquired by eminent domain
Yes 1,026
No 207

Prop. 8 Clarify provisions relating to a home equity loan
Yes 860
No 345

Prop. 9 Exempt totally disabled veterans from ad valorem taxation
Yes 1,013
No 217

Prop. 10 Abolish the office of inspector of hides and animals
Yes 953
No 254

Prop. 11 To provide for public access on the Internet of Legislative votes
Yes 1,031
No 186

Prop. 12 Issuance of bonds not to exceed $5 billion for highway improvement
Yes 461
No 753

Prop. 13 Deny bail to a person who violates certain orders or conditions
Yes 1,056
No 176

Prop. 14 Permit a justice or judge to serve the remainder term
Yes 909
No 315

Prop. 15 Creation of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas
Yes 636
No 604

Prop. 16 Issuance of bonds for assistance to economically distressed areas
Yes 539
No 677