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Famous chainsaw carver visits Bandera

By Steven James BCC Editor

Dockery’s cowboy carving, which features the DLF logo.

Covered in woodchips and sawdust, Bearly Making It Chainsaw Carvings owner Cam Dockery carefully buzzes away at the heartwood of a tree on the DLF Ranch property.
Dockery traveled from his home in Whitharral, to the ranch last week to create five woodcarving pieces—an angel, a cowboy, an eagle, a squirrel and a Venus—for DLF Owner Dustin Fitzpatrick.
Fitzpatrick said he found Dockery, a world famous chainsaw carver, through the internet, and admired his art, as well as his ability to meticulously work for several hours until a job is done.
Dockery, who used to be a farmer, decided to apply his love of drawing to chainsaw carving. He and his wife, Angie, created the business in 2000. The first thing he ever carved was a small bear, made from a dead tree near a farm he bought. Dockery said after people saw what he made, they paid him to make more carvings.
“I started messing around, and it turned into a full-time job when I was about a year into it,” Dockery said. “I had a few big stores that came by and they started ordering about 100 carvings at a time. I kind of got to where I was wholesaling stuff like that, and on-site things and then the regular orders at the shop.”
Examples of his work can be found at his website: http://www.texassaw.com/. He provides most of the wood he uses.
Dockery has created furniture, on-site carvings, school mascot carvings and wildlife carvings. He has created work for clients such as the Houston Zoo and Comanche City Park.
For pricing information, people can call Dockery at 806-778-9353.
“If it’s an on-site thing, people can send pictures of their tree to me, and I can send them 10 pictures of things that are similar they may like,” Dockery said. “I don’t ever just do what I want to do—they have to live with it. I give them many options to pick from, and we go from there.”