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Bandera EDC waits for legal advice on funding, searches for artists

By Steven James BCC Editor

Bandera Economic Development Corporation President Art Crawford said at the meeting Wednesday night he and the other board members will not approve money for any projects until they get an attorney for advice about what can be legally funded.
Crawford said this is expected to be resolved by January. The issue also affects certain projects already approved for funding, including a $50,000 skate park.
“The reason for that is there just have been a lot of questions and a lot of comments about what we legally can and cannot fund,” Crawford said. “We want to get an attorney on board we can call and say ‘Can we put a statue in the park? Can we put a skate park in?’ before we start spending taxpayer money.”
Crawford said people can still get items on the agenda, though, and can come visit him at the Purple Sage Ranch Conference Center and Retreat, where he is manager. He said he generally has one or two minutes to visit with people during his workday.
EDC also approved $1,200 pending legal approval for the Trash Barrel Art Project, in which the Bandera County, Texas Historical Commission will work with the Boys and Girls Club of Bandera County and Vision for Bandera to paint a new order of trash barrels. Crawford said 27 barrels were washed away in the previous flood, and EDC would ideally like to get 30 new ones. Each barrel will cost $20, and will be painted differently, he said.
A contest will be held to see who can paint the best-looking trashcan. First place will win $300, second place $200 and third place $100.
The board also discussed the Historical Commission developing a master plan for the murals the group posts around the city. This is so various artists can work with the organization and so EDC will know what exactly it is funding.
“I’m just having trouble understanding the whole comprehensive plan in town,” board member Cindy Harrington said. “If you’re the group who is continually coming to us, I would like to see something comprehensive. This is wonderful, but we’ve got to figure out where we’re going with this.”
The Historical Commission presented its painting for the upcoming mural, which features a Texas Rangers campsite. The painting was based on a photograph of the Old West Cattle Company Texas Rangers Reenactors, and done by local artist David Burell.
Burell is requesting $15,000 to mount the final version of the mural, which will be placed on the Bandera Wash House at 710 Main St. Historical Commission Chairman Roy Dugosh said $4,000 is needed to mount the mural, $1,000 for materials and $10,000 for the mural itself.
“I think they’re a good asset to the city,” Dugosh said.
The Historical Commission’s master art plan will either be approved or denied for revision at the Jan. 11 EDC meeting.
On Dec. 14, public hearings for the skate park and the flood system will be held at 5 and 5:30 p.m., respectively, followed by the regular meeting at 6 pm.