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Commissioners’ court hires architect for restoration project, approves general election numbers

By Steven James BCC Editor

Architexas was chosen by the Bandera County Commissioners’ Court to be the architecture firm to possibly redesign the inside of the old, two-story jail and courthouse to make the building a new visitors’ center, which would also showcase some of the city’s early history.
Architexas was chosen out of six firms that were interviewed in open court on Monday. The other five were Fisher Heck Architects; Ford, Powell and Carson Architects and Planners, Inc.; Barry Wagner; LPA, Inc. and Debra Dockery.
Precinct 1 Commissioner Bob Grimes and Precinct 2 Commissioner Bobby Harris prepared seven questions for the court to ask the firms.
The questions included asking the architects what they thought the biggest challenge would be on this project, what percentage of their business involved working with county governments and if they had ever completed projects in restoring or rehabilitating historic properties. Their answers showed they all had some experience in restoring historic buildings, and that they were willing to work in phases, which would be needed for the project.
“I just want to let all of these architects in the room know this was a very, very close vote,” Harris said. “Quite a few ties involved.”
The court also approved the canvas of Bandera County’s general election results.
Bandera County Elections Administrator Dana Moeller said a record 60 percent of registered voters in the county voted, with most of those coming from Precincts 102, 203 and 305.
Bandera County Judge Richard Evans congratulated her for pulling everything together throughout the general election, as well as after, when votes needed to get counted.
“It was a very rewarding and humbling experience for sure,” Moeller said. “It’s certainly something I take great pride in that I was selected to such an honorable position.”
The court also voted to keep the same county holiday schedule for 2017 and to switch to American Bankers Insurance Company for flood coverage.