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Bandera City Council inducts new members

By Steven James BCC Editor

The Bandera City Council inducted its new members Monday night after the canvassing of Precinct 305’s Nov. 8, general election voting results.
Glenn Clark and Toni Kunz were elected to city council. Suzanne Schauman took over as Bandera city mayor.
City Administrator Michael Garr said 372 general election ballots were counted. Schauman won 149 votes, Kunz won 136 and Clark 158.
The new mayor and city council members voted to appoint member Rebeca Gibson as mayor pro tem.
Garr said to settle the tie between Justin Knight and former Mayor Pro Tem Jim Hannah for the unexpired council member position, he and four random registered voters will recount the votes, announcing the results this coming Monday. Knight and Hannah each got 89 votes in the election. Garr said if both men are still tied, then a runoff will occur.