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A Thought for the Week

by John M Grimes

For all of us, Veteran's Day causes us to think about and honor the millions who donned a uniform and served their country with pride and distinction. We think of those who faced enemy bullets and those who may yet have to face armed antagonists in an unpredictable future. We think of those who died in faraway lands and those who may yet die in combat so that others may live in peace.
In all wars, the emotional scars are often those hardest to deal with. Veterans who return from combat seldom forget what they saw, and few can ever fully relegate those experiences to a recess of their memory that is never touched. The trauma of battle is immense, and none who view actual combat avoid that trauma.
Veteran's Day is also a day of hope. A hope that someday our young men and women will no longer have to fight the biggest fight of their lives their fight to stay alive to reach an older age. . .
So on this Veteran's Day, let us all count our blessings and thank God that there were those willing to be called "Veterans" ........................................