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Deputy arrested

By Steven James BCC Editor

A former Bandera County Sheriff’s Office deputy was arrested at his home on Thursday, Oct. 20 on a charge of assault causing bodily injury family violence.
Russell Nesbitt, who was a new trainee at the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office, was apprehended after his wife called the Bandera City Marshal’s Office around 7 pm to arrest Nesbitt for assaulting one of their sons.
The charge is a Class A misdemeanor in Texas. Nesbitt was released on bond several days after his arrest, and is pending arraignment and possible Grand Jury indictment.
Nesbitt has been relieved of duty and is currently on temporary suspension, Bandera County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Matthew King said.
“If he’s convicted of an assault in a family violence, he can never handle a handgun,” King said. “And, he can never work in law enforcement again.”