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Bandera County 2016 election results

By Steven James BCC Editor

Pictured: City of Bandera
Mayor Suzanne Schauman

Medina ISD Board of Trustees, Thad Emmons

The unofficial cumulative report for Bandera County election results showed 7,559 of 15,244 registered voters had voted during early voting season and on Election Day.
That count does not include every ballot from somebody who attempted to vote this election season. Mail-in and provisional ballots from certain voters are still waiting to be counted.
The Republican Party received 83.42 percent of votes, the Democratic Party received 15.58 percent, the Libertarian Party received 0.70 percent and the Green Party received 0.29 percent. Donald Trump and Mike Pence received 80.16 percent of the counted votes, Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine received 17 percent, Gary Johnson and William Weld received 2.32 percent and Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka received 0.51 percent.
Suzanne Schauman was elected to the position of Bandera city mayor with 60.63 percent of counted votes. Schauman’s opponent, Bandera City Council Member Cindy Coffey, received 39.38 percent of counted votes.
U.S. Representative Lamar Smith received the majority of votes for Congressional District 21, at 80.06 percent. Wayne Christian was elected to be county railroad commissioner with 77.66 percent of the votes in his category.
Thad Emmons was elected to place 7 on the Medina Independent School District Board of Trustees with 59.74 percent of counted votes.
Forfinal election results, see the chart to the right.