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Commissioners’ court hears road maintenanceconcerns, approves library basement renovation

By Steven James BCC Editor

The Bandera County Commissioners’ Court heard concerns from the Rio Hondo Property Owners Association about road maintenance in its subdivision and approved renovation of the downstairs area of the Bandera County Public Library.
Rio Hondo Property Owners Association President James Scope talked about the county’s lack of care of the roads in his community. Scope said after the names of certain roads were changed to ease the work of emergency personnel because some roads had the same names as others, as well as after the 9-11 system update, the northern part of a county-maintained road named Sed Oak was changed to Sierra Vista. Not long after the name change, the county’s maintenance of Sierra Vista stopped.
He also asked the court to approve a repaving program to be put on the agenda for Bandera Road and Bridge to repave one or two roads in the Rio Hondo subdivision per year. In terms of maintenance, Scope said the county has only approved re-chipping his community’s roads, which he does not view as effective as repaving.
“Our property owners do not feel they’re receiving fair attention from the county,” he said. “As property values have gone up, our roads have gone down. Having well-maintained roads in a subdivision is a must.”
The court agreed to discuss the matter at a later time.
The court also granted permission to the Bandera Library Board of Directors to renovate the basement area, which board member John Pearce said will be used by groups and businesses for meetings.
The basement area has two rooms. One will be used as the meeting space, and the other a storage area with a restroom.
Pearce said the total cost of what he talked about was $32,000.
“We want to improve that area to make it a more usable space for the library and for the community,” Pearce said. “We’re not requesting funds from the county, we’ll be going out for a grant to do the renovations.”
Also in the meeting, Flying L General Manager and Director of Sales Susan Jenkins said she has enough documentation to get the villa awarded a historical marker.
Junker provided what she believed to be evidence of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work at the resort, including San Antonio Express-News and Bandera Bulletin articles and the Stanley Marcus book “Minding the Store,” in which Marcus states he commissioned Wright to build a house for him in Dallas. The house was never built, but the plans, an indication of Wright’s style, can be found online. Jenkins also believed certain features of the villa, including the type of stone used during construction, as well as the large windows, to be evidence of Wright’s distinctive style.
“No one has ever taken the time or effort to uncover the truth about the fascinating past of the ranch,” Jenkins said. “All of these items are why I came to the conclusion that I did.”
The court also approved the 2016 third fiscal quarter and the 2015-2016 Bandera County Convention and Visitors Bureau financial reports, presented by Executive Director Patricia Moore.
The CVB’s total assets as of Sept. 30 were $73,180.27, according to its financial records. The total income from October 2015-October 2016 was $391,982.47, while expenses totaled $413,445.39.