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Kimble County Sheriff’s Office’s early morning roundup nets 25 alleged drug dealers

By Debbie Cooper The Junction Eagle

Photo by Ashley Lundy / The Junction Eagle
The Kimble County Sheriff’s Office arrests a subject during the drug bust.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, October 27, local people were awakened to the sound of two helicopters and one fixed-wing airplane operating above the city of Junction. These aircraft were assisting Kimble County Sheriff Hilario Cantu’s Office in a massive roundup of alleged drug dealers in the community.
Preparation for this operation has been eight months in the making. Sheriff Cantu has been working with District Attorney Tonya Ahlschwede to collect the evidence that will help her make strong cases against those who supply methamphetamine to adults and children of this community.
With grand jury indictments for “delivery of a controlled substance” warrants in hand, teams of law enforcement personnel from several agencies were dispatched to homes where alleged dealers/users are known to live and sell. Twenty-five men and women have been arrested and there are outstanding warrants and active searches ongoing for others.
The women arrested were delivered to a jail facility in Burnet County. The local jail population had already been moved to correctional facilities in other towns to make room for those caught in today’s roundup. Child Protective Service personnel were present to take custody of the children living in some of the homes that were raided.
Involved in support of the KC Sheriff’s Office's operation were personnel from the sheriff’s offices from Schleicher and Menard counties, Texas Rangers, Department of Public Safety State Troopers, DPS Criminal Investigation Division, local Adult Probation, Texas Parks and Wildlife State Police, Junction Police Department and Customs and Border Protection Agency. The aircraft from Uvalde and San Angelo were provided by Homeland Security Federal Agency. A longtime friend of Sheriff Cantu’s time working narcotics undercover came from Val Verde County to assist.
County Judge Delbert Roberts told Sheriff Cantu, regarding the expense of housing those arrested, “You’re not going to have someone come off the interstate to get our kids on drugs. It’s going to be the guy down the street.” According to Sheriff Cantu, the people who observe and report suspicious activity to his office are extremely helpful.
Editor’s note: Due to the far-reaching arm of drug availability, the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office has requested that surrounding counties are made aware of this achievement.